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June 16, 2022

Earlier this week, Walmart launched its latest home collection featuring Country Music Academy’s reigning Artist of the Year and three-time Grammy winner Miranda Lambert.

Line – Wanda June Home by Miranda Lambert – is available for purchase on walmart.com, with items that the retailer says are comfortable and warm. Prices for individual items range from $12.97 to $170, with the vast majority of SKUs being under $30. Walmart said it would drop new additions to the collection on a seasonal basis.

The name of Ms. Lambert’s collection was inspired by her mother, Beverly June Lambert, and her grandmother, Wanda Louise Coker.

“They both taught me everything I know about being a woman and how to create a warm home filled with laughter, love and memories. That’s really the heart of my brand Wanda June Home,” Ms Lambert said in a statement. “The products are a physical representation of a long line of beautiful memories with amazing women. I’m thrilled to be launching Wanda June Home with Walmart, where my grandfather was a host at the time and where I did some shopping all my life.

The collection includes 80 kitchen, bar, table and home décor items. The products in the range are designed to be mixed and matched. The designs were inspired by Mrs. Lambert’s own “retro southwestern farmhouse kitchen”.

“Our mission is to create the easiest place to shop for home design by saving our customers time, effort and money,” said Anthony Soohoo, Executive Vice President, house at Walmart.

“The Wanda June collection is the latest example of how Walmart continues to expand and elevate our assortment to democratize style for our customers.”

In recent years, Walmart has sought to gain recognition in the home and apparel categories. The retailer relies on private and exclusive brand partnerships to differentiate itself from Target and other rivals in an effort to appeal to its core customers and attract new shoppers. The chain is looking to use these higher margin categories to increase its profitability with nearly 56% of its total sales in grocery.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What is your assessment of the steps Walmart has taken to raise its profile in the home and apparel categories? What should Walmart do to convert its grocery traffic into higher-margin sales in other parts of its stores?


“Unique or exclusive branded offers are a good way to grab attention and blur price comparisons.”

“It’s a great brand and aligns with the WM client, but they’ll probably struggle to differentiate the Pioneer Woman design.”

“I think celebrity wear in this category is risky – and with a few exceptions.”


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