Profit rates on savings plans have increased


ISLAMABAD: The government raised profit rates on all National Savings Schemes (NSS) to 2.4% following a hike in the policy rate.

According to a notification issued Thursday by the Ministry of Finance in this regard, the return of pension, savings certificate, regular income certificate, savings accounts, special savings account and defense certificate have increased from December 10.

According to the details, the profit rate on a pension certificate has been increased by 1.92%, from 11.04 to 12.95%.

Similarly, the profit to be paid on behbood savings certificates was also increased from 11.04pc to 12.96pc; the yield on special savings certificates, up 2.40 pc, rose from 8.2 pc to 10.60 pc; youThe yield on BEPs, up by 1.61 pc, rose from 9.37 pc to 10.98 pc, while the the return on a special savings account was also increased to 2.40 pc with a new profit of 10.60 pc instead of 8.20 pc.

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In addition, the yield of a regular income certificate would now be 10.86 pc instead of 8.76 pc with an increase of 2.04 pc.


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