Profit margins for goat farmers increase by 30% – Pindula News


Profit margins for smallholder goat farmers have increased by an average of 30% following the intervention of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Program (ZAGP) to address marketing challenges along the goat value chain.

ZAGP is a government initiative funded by the European Union to help create a fair trade platform for small goat farmers and butchers to ensure they get the most value from their animals.

ZAGP Program Team Leader Newton Chari said the herald that 2,309 goats weighing 25,306 kilograms were sold by 683 farmers through the direct marketing approach and generated US$78,618 in October 2022. Said Chari:

This direct marketing has dramatically increased farmers’ profit margins to an average of 30 percent over farm gate prices and sales through middlemen or middlemen.

Prior to adopting the direct meat marketing system, the project had a total of 1,500 butcher shops in Harare and Bulawayo who worked with farmers giving them targeted quantities of meat to supply under a sort of contractual arrangement.

From there, 528 other butchers who needed weekly quantities of 19,502 kg of goat meat also joined the fray.

ZAGP works with established goat herders’ associations in 20 districts to supply meat and meat products directly to independent licensed butchers.

The program has 10,000 registered farmers working in formal neighborhood and district groupings known as professional goat farmer associations.

Chari said the demand for goat meat far exceeds the supply and urged farmers to migrate from informal sales to direct marketing strategy.

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