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NEWBURYPORT – The festive mood quickly gave way to tears and silence after a male competitor in the Yankee Homecoming Waiter / Waitress Race collapsed on the streets shortly after the event ended on Monday night.

Waiters at a dozen local restaurants, including Brick & Ash, had taken on the challenge of walking or running a restaurant-themed obstacle course up and down Liberty Street, carrying serving trays laden with glasses water and plastic bottles late Monday afternoon.

Brick & Ash director Paul Rose had just a few minutes before hoisting the team spirit trophy in the air when witnesses said he simply collapsed shortly after the end of the race.

“Everything was fine until it was not,” said a witness who did not want to be identified.

The intersection of Liberty and Center streets was quickly cleared when a police officer administered CPR to Rose. The officer was soon joined by emergency medics and firefighters who continued to try and resuscitate Rose with CPR and a defibrillator.

Onlookers wiped away tears as the unresponsive Rose was loaded into an ambulance and taken to Anna Jaques Hospital. His condition could not be determined by press time.

Rose was one of the top spots in the initial rounds of the event and had said after one round that it was her golden sneakers that were her secret to success.

“I was wearing championship shoes for today,” he said. “I feel like I need a beer.”

The race is designed to draw attention to local restaurants and waiters during Yankee Homecoming Tourist Week.

Runners had to make their way through an obstacle course that included hoops on the ground, handles of Cheerios thrown by kids, and tables where competitors had to change loaded glasses of water, all without spilling.

Servers from Bar 25, The Poynt, Anchor Stone Deck Pizza, The Grog, Brine, The Port Tavern, Metzy’s Cantina, The Park Lunch, Origan Pizzeria & Ristorante, Plum Island Beachcoma and Michael’s Harborside also took part in the race.

A crowd of around 250 attended the event, but most had already left by the time Rose collapsed.

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