No need for speed at Grants Pass Downs in Oregon


Scriver, however, has a dream.

“I want to go to Kentucky and ride my bike,” she said. “I want to ride Churchill Downs – even a little race.”

Scriver has been on top of a horse since learning to walk – as a little girl in 4H in Curlew, Wash., And barrel races in rodeos as a teenager. When she was 13, she asked a friend of her father, who owned a thoroughbred, to teach her how to gallop.

“I wanted to go fast,” she said.

At 16, she galloped horses for $ 12 in the morning and played high school volleyball and softball in the afternoon. She obtained her jockey license at 18, first winning her 11th start aboard Bobbygenesjustice on August 10, 2019 at the Tillamook County Fair.

She has had about 500 starts since then, won 77 and finished in the money in almost half to earn over $ 590,000 on the stock market. She won the riding title here in the fall and held her own all winter against more experienced competitors in Turf Paradise, Arizona.

Scriver maintains a steady diet of galloping horses in the morning. She has to do it – those $ 12 spins add up. But coaches at bigger tracks like Emerald Downs near Seattle have noticed her, and she’s starting to have two, three, up to six rides a day.

“Any girl here can ride, but Joree has the drive to match her talent,” said Smith, who gives Scriver the first call on his horses. “She can go as far as she wants.”

Grants Pass Downs has long been Boersma’s refuge from the world. He followed his father here as a child, prowling the grandstand for winning tickets that were mistakenly thrown away, then using the profits to pick winners.

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