Homes Under the Hammer: Couple make £37,000 profit selling 3 bedrooms


A couple have made a handsome profit on a Stoke-on-Trent property on Homes Under The Hammer.

Simon – who played cricket for the Zimbabwe Under-19s – bought the property from Chell Heath with his wife Dorothy.

But – as presenter Dion Dublin discovered – the three-chamber semi-trailer presented additional challenges because its steel-framed construction does not meet modern building standards.

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This meant the couple had to find a specialist mortgage provider for the property.

Dion went to view the property and was immediately impressed by the “nicely sized hallway” that greeted him with a “nice solid staircase”.

He was impressed with the size of the living room – albeit complete with an old-fashioned four-bar gas fireplace and brick surround. The former striker continued to explore where he found a dining room followed by a kitchen “in good condition”, downstairs toilets and a lean-to – which had begun to suffer from mold and stains. ‘humidity.

Reflecting on the garden, he said: “It’s always good to have a little extra space indoors.

“The building itself and the lean-to could use some spending just to update it. Now always look to see if you can expand a property. There’s room here for that.”

There were fields beyond the rear garden which also impressed Dion.

However, after browsing the viewers’ layout upstairs, they were warned that there was something in the house that could get buyers in “hot water”.

The Chell Heath property featured on Homes Under The Hammer

As Dion explained: “This house is a non-standard construction. That means it will be difficult to get a mortgage on this house. Not impossible – but difficult. But that doesn’t make it a bad house. C is still solid.”

“The layout suits me and it could make a nice family home.”

Viewers discovered the non-standard element that the house is steel framed having been built by the British Iron and Steel Federation.

The house was first auctioned with a guide price of £40,000. In the end, it was bought by Simon and Dorothy for £58,000.

And they also fixed the problem of its steel construction.

“I had a chat with a local real estate agent,” said Simon, a digital marketing expert who owns two businesses. “They have a mortgage broker who accepts non-standard construction.”

Dion asked him what attracted him to the property. He said: “First of all it’s a large property. Ex-council, three beds, large front and back garden.

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“I know the area. I live about 15 minutes from here.”

They had a budget of £12,000 and a 60-day deadline to complete the job – and finished it in 62 days as Simon and Dorothy juggled work, family and home.

Simon said: “As a team I think we work well together.”

Dorothy explained the decor and said: “Upstairs we went for the white because I just thought to keep it simple because at the end of the day we’re going to sell the house.

“Downstairs we went with grays because right now gray is kinda on trend and it looks good.”

An estate agent then assessed the property at up to £100,000.

But Simon and Dorothy went higher and secured an offer of £105,000 on the house – to give them a profit before tax and fees of £37,500.

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