Former Raiders HC Jon Gruden Makes Big Profit Selling Vegas Estate


Jon Gruden is currently suing the NFL for allowing his emails to be published, which ultimately forced him to resign as head coach of the Raiders. He would no doubt like to recoup some of the $60 million that was supposedly left over from the alleged 10-year, $100 million contract he signed with the team four years ago. He may or may not see some of that money, but on Tuesday it was reported that he had successfully sold his Vegas home.

According to Las Vegas Locally, Gruden sold his Vegas home and in the process nearly doubled his money from what he paid last year.

Gruden paid $4.3 million for his home and just pulled out $7.5 million, clearing some $3.2 million in the deal before taxes and fees kicked in.

It’s definitely a seller’s market right now, which means for most people this price hike doesn’t mean much as it would just carry over to their next home. But Gruden has his house in Tampa to go back to, so he can just pocket that money. Lucrative transaction to say the least.


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