Ferrari makes as much profit by selling 1 car as Ford by selling 908: report


Ford vs Ferrari may have been one of the most exciting auto movies of 2019, but in today’s real world there really isn’t any competition. Not in terms of the profits made anyway. A recent report claimed that the supercar maker is way ahead in terms of earnings per unit sold compared to all other manufacturers in the world.

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According to the Fiat Group World report based on data provided by manufacturers, Ferrari made a handsome profit of $ 94,000 for every car sold in 2019. The iconic Italian brand is far ahead of its direct and indirect rivals, with BMW set to sell. 30 cars. make so much profit. Figures for Toyota (44), Volvo (45), Volkswagen (56), PSA (65) and Mercedes (67) also reveal how much volumes need to be pushed to the sale to match Ferrari’s profits by selling just one. of his cars. . Interestingly, Ford has to sell 908 units while Japanese automaker Nissan has to sell 926 units to match Ferrari’s profit margin from one unit.

Ferrari is said to have sold 10,131 units worldwide in the year 2019 and while this may still be lower than that of some other brands in the supercar sector, its profit margin has been considerably high. Market analysts also note that it is commendable to sell so many units and make spectacular profits without any SUVs in its product portfolio. This is especially due to the fact that there is an increasing demand for SUVs in several markets around the world, which has prompted some manufacturers of traditional sedans or coupes to turn to larger vehicles.

It’s not that Ferrari isn’t exploring the road in an SUV in the times to come. While former Ferrari boss Sergio Meachionne said in 2016 that it would first have to be shot down before Ferrari makes an SUV, times have since changed and the company is preparing its very first SUV – Purosangue – for an unveiling in 2021. The vehicle is set to take on rivals Porsche and Lamborghini by the horns and while there is no word on when – and if – it would go on sale, the intent is pretty clear.


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