They are usually managed online, which means that the request for credit, as well as the processing and transfer of money, is made in less than a working day, hence they are called ” instantly “.


What does it mean without paperwork?

On the other hand, within the so-called minicréditos instantly, there are those that are ” without paperwork “. This is nothing more than that, during the application and processing of the credit, the manager will not ask for documentation to his requesting client.

Therefore, you will not have to search for certificates or receipts, photocopy them, scan them, send them by mail to a courier office, send them by fax or by email.

This allows the client to have more comfort and that the total processing of the credit is done instantly.


How is it possible?

You may ask yourself: “if the manager does not ask the customer for documentation, how does he check his personal and financial data?”.

Very simply, the manager, on rare occasions and when offering financial products called “without paperwork”, you can check the financial data, creditworthiness, credit history and personal data, through websites and applications for this purpose, such as: Instantor , Asnef, FinTech , etc.

Here, negative or positive data will emerge that the manager needs to check , avoiding inconvenience to the client, further streamlining the total credit process and allowing the money to be managed in 10-15 minutes.

It will be sent to the client in a short period of time if the request is approved.


Advantages of mini-credits instantly without paperwork

Opting for this type of financial product to improve the economy leads to numerous advantages:

  • Speed: the application, the processing, the study and the transfer of the money to the customer’s bank account is immediate. In total, less than 24 hours


  • Comfort: there is no financial product more comfortable than those that are without paperwork and instantly. The client will only have to fill out the application and, in a matter of 10-15 minutes, he will have the money in his bank account


  • Reliability and Security: access to customer data by the manager is done privately and confidentially, preventing this data from being displayed for any purpose other than the study of the credit application


  • There is no need to give explanations: since there is not a lot of money that is granted in the mini credit instantly without paperwork , there is no need to explain why you want the money


  • There are no hidden expenses: all the expenses that are generated during the minicrédito vigor will instantly come out immediately, even before requesting it, in the simulator. Investigate, for example, the simulator Sally Bowles credits allow to compare these outstanding financial products, and see all your conditions no small or hidden letters. That is, from the beginning, you will know what you will have to pay


  • They are available 24/7: being online, you can request your mini credit instantly without paperwork whenever and wherever you want


  • They are very flexible: you can choose the amount of money, as well as the number of installments or the monthly amount to pay. You choose everything.


  • They allow you to request extensions: in most cases, you can request one or two extensions without expenses if an unforeseen event arises and you can not pay the monthly payment when you play


  • There are no expenses for early repayment: in most cases, you can advance your credit partially or totally, without additional expenses


  • Some are free !: Yes, you read that right! Many of the minicréditos instantly without paperwork are free if it is the first time you request and enjoy. That is to say, if you have asked for € 100 to be returned in a month, in 30 days you will have to pay € 100, not another euro. These promotions are offers from credit companies to attract new customers and make them repeat customers later


Minimum requirements to be able to request a mini credit instantly without paperwork

At a minimum, you should:

  • Be of age
  • Have a fixed, regular and justifiable income
  • Be a permanent resident in Spain
  • Have a bank account in your name
  • Have a mobile


Steps to request mini-credits instantly without paperwork

Requesting a mini-credit instantly without paperwork is a very quick and easy process . Simply, you will have to:

    1. Visit the credit simulator of Sally Bowles and compare the best financial products adapted to your needs. You just have to select the amount of money you are going to request and the amount of monthly payments to pay
    2. Access directly through this website to the page of the chosen financial institution
    3. Check that the amount of money and fees or monthly payments is correct
    4. Check well the interests, final expenses and other data that clearly indicate
    5. If you agree, request the mini-credit instantly without paperwork by filling out the online form with your personal, financial or economic information or whatever they ask for
    6. Send the request
    7. Wait 10-15 minutes for the manager to give you an answer to your request via SMS or email.
    8. If it is accepted, in just 10-15 minutes you will have the money in your bank account to be able to enjoy it (if you operate with the same bank)



It’s that easy and fast!

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